Oomama is a grassroots, volunteer organization representing Mississauga and Oakville; one of over 240 grandmother groups across Canada, raising funds for the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign led by the Stephen Lewis Foundation. We support Africa’s unsung heroes—grandmothers with the overwhelming burden of caring for their AIDS-orphaned grandchildren.

We will not rest until they can rest!

Online Marketplace

During COVID-19 the grandmothers of Sub-Sahara Africa need our help more than ever. Because all in-person marketplaces have been canceled or severely limited, we have put our products online. You will find many masks of many different themed patterns (kids, sports, food, animals, etc.), and Go Green products like reusable bags and mesh bags for produce, as well as vintage jewellery, handmade beaded and netted jewellery, and much much more.

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Fundraisers 2020

Virtual Stride to Turn the Tide

Despite the country being closed down for the pandemic, Oomama and Bronte Grandmothers were able to join together for a Virtual Stride to Turn the Tide and the Halton/Peel Virtual Stride Team once again managed a virtual walk around Canada. We started at Iqaluit, in the Nunavut territory, and walked south, west, north, and east all the way back to Iqaluit - in a kind of ‘wonky’ virtual circle. In June, we celebrated raising $11,745.



At the end of February, Oomama presented a wonderful concert: "Sounds of Love and Hope," featuring The Chamber Choir and A Few Good Men from The Oakville Choir for Children and Youth. The music was uplifting and Oomama was able to raise $6,420.