Oomama is a grassroots, volunteer organization representing Mississauga and Oakville; one of over 240 grandmother groups across Canada, involved in the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign led by the Stephen Lewis Foundation. We support Africa’s unsung heroes—grandmothers with the overwhelming burden of caring for their AIDS-orphaned grandchildren.

We have been inspired by the words of Stephen Lewis as well as his efforts to empower the grassroots organizations initiated by grandmothers in sub-Saharan Africa. Oomamas are committed to helping turn the tide of HIV/AIDS in Africa through awareness, education, and fundraising.

We will not rest until they can rest!


Online Marketplace

During COVID-19 the grandmothers of Sub Saharan Africa need our help more than ever. As all in person market places have been cancelled or severely limited we are offering an online market place. As we are all being encouraged to wear a mask when we are unable to social distance, we have developed a wide array of colourful cloth masks.


We have developed a fundraising website. Please visit our site to see details, sizes and patterns of masks along with how to order them. Stay tuned as additional products will be added.


Stride To Turn the Tide 2020

Stride to Turn the Tide is our annual fundraiser for SLF. Due to the COVID19 pandemic we have had to make some changes to the usual format. Our launch on April 1 was cancelled though we did start our virtual walk that day. Being very aware of the financial and emotional stress most people are under right now, we initially made a decision not to fundraise however after our virtual cross country launch on June 1,2020 and considering the impact of the COVID19 pandemic on the HIV/AIDS pandemic we realized that in order not to lose all the gains made in the battle against HIV/AIDS we needed to immediately begin fundraising.


Please visit our team URL

For more detailed information please go to our fundraising page.


There are no upcoming events. Check back soon! 


Sounds of Love & Hope Concert 

We are pleased to report the concert was a great success. With the support of our sponsors and attendees we were able to send $6420 to The Stephen Lewis Foundation (SLF)

St. Johns, 262 Randall St., Oakville

February 22, 2020



Treats & Treasures Christmas Marketplace

Christ First Church, 1700 Mazo Cr., Mississauga

November 16, 2019


Christmas Bazaar

St. Johns, 262 Randall St., Oakville

November 30, 2019