The purpose of the Speakers/Education Committee is to raise awareness about the strengths and needs of the African grandmothers caring for their grandchildren orphaned by AIDS.

Through presentations and workshops, our committee reaches out to all branches of the community including service clubs, social clubs, businesses, faith communities and schools, with particular concentration on developing a global consciousness in students (e.g. World Issues classes, Social Justice groups).

School workshops are available for both elementary and secondary school levels. Emphasis is on group work, interaction, problem solving and empowerment of the individual student to make global changes that make a difference. Children become aware that their actions count!

Presentations are tailored to the needs and composition of the audience and often include advocacy and fundraising to help carry on the work of the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

We welcome requests for presentations and workshops large or small, within Halton County and beyond!

To book a speaker:

Contact Judy Henderson or Carol Brayman.

We also welcome new members. If you would like more information, please contact us!


“Oomama provided my students with a clear understanding of the issues surrounding the AIDS epidemic in Africa.  Their presentation brought forth the human element to a crisis that most Canadians are disconnected from, and allowed students to understand the impacts on an increasingly globalized world. The work of Oomama showed students that each of us can make a difference even in far away regions where the situation appears out-of-control and the pain and hurt seems so overwhelming.”

Robin Baxter
Canadian and World Studies
White Oaks Secondary School
Oakville, ON