Kids Who Care - Creating a Different World

Craig Kielburger shares his message of hope

Oomama's fall fundraiser on October 9, 2014 was a phenomenal and inspirational event for all generations.  About 800 people from ages 8 to 80 were enthralled by Craig Kielburger's humanitarian message.  He explained how a Spark + a Gift = A Better World.  He encouraged people to look outside themselves and told the story of telling Cardinal Desmond Tutu that he had stopped reading the newspaper because it was all bad news.  The cardinal encouraged him to read newspapers because they are God's "To Do List." Craig is a wonderful model for today's young generation (and all of us) and the audience left the theatre inspired to become involved in local and international social justice issues.

The event generated about $45,000 from sponsors, donors and ticket sales and after expenses, Oomama was able to give about $30,000 to the Stephen Lewis Foundation.