Stride to Turn the Tide

Stride to Turn The Tide

Summary of 10th Stride to Turn the Tide

2019 marked the 10th anniversary of Stride to Turn the Tide. Oomama has enthusiastically supported this event since its inception. For the past three years we have partnered with Bronte Grandmothers for Africa in a virtual walk. Participants walk, bike swim, do yoga, garden etc; all these activities are recorded and forwarded to be tabulated into our total. We have virtually walked across Sub-Saharan Africa visiting SLF projects and across Canada learning about other SLF grandmother groups. Our progress is reported at our monthly meetings.

We kicked off with a launch party hosted by one of our groups to which we try to get other people invited and involved. This year it was held at Carole Holmes lovely, welcoming home with Bronte Grandmothers providing delicious munchies. We wrapped up in June at a yummy barbeque hosted by Oomama at the Port Credit Legion. Food was generously donated by Purple Leaf Bakery, Metro, Battaglias. We were pleased to have Mississauga Councillors Steven Dasko and Karen Ras drop in and demonstrate their support and a few husbands barbequing and generally having a great time on the patio.

We had a total of 31 walkers and the worst spring weather ever but managed to walk 10,264 kms, 3,374 more than our goal! As always we recognize the top achievers with a prize of colourful socks. For the third year in a row Peggy Brightwell won most kilometres walked (1266 kms ) and since the first year she has declined her prize (There are a lot of socks in that package!). Second place and proud recipient of the socks was Susan Eadie (634 Kms). Wow! The winner of the most money raised at the time of the barbeque was our own Wendy Merson ( who tried to decline but was ignored), however, by the end of the fundraising term Wendy Belcher from Bronte Grans pulled ahead. Congratulations to all of these ladies for their significant contributions.

Since Bronte and Oomama have been doing the walk together we raised $16,000 in 2017, $17,800 in 2018 and this year $13,056. Of that total Oomama raised $8,316. Well done everyone ! We are proud to have supported the Grandmothers and their work in Africa and certainly are proud of the money raised for the Grandmothers.