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Our Oomama Monthly Gathering (OMG) takes place on the 3rd Tuesday morning of the month. We are currently meeting by Zoom.

We have 2 committees that meet once a month: Fundraising and Presentations. Whether you are crafty and want to join the Marketplace contributors, or like to work on websites, newsletters, presentations, or help out at our fundraising events, you will enjoy our lively Oomamas!

Due to the pandemic, we cannot go to craft fairs or organize events such as concerts and speaker events. Marketplace and Stride are our current online fundraising events.

VISION: Oomama envisions a world in which grandmothers in AIDS-ravaged Africa will have the resources to provide a dignified and sustainable future for their orphaned grandchildren.

MISSION: We challenge ourselves, our community and our country to raise awareness and to generate funds on behalf of the grandmother caregivers in AIDS-ravaged Africa.

Oomama is an increasingly diverse group of women. With varied skills and demands, we recognize differing levels of commitment, time, energy, ability, and expertise. We welcome and value our differences. At the same time, we are all bonded by a common belief that together we can make this world a better place for our African sisters. 

In 2005, after hearing Stephen Lewis speak, in which he described the conditions and efforts of the African grandmothers, a small group of women in Oakville and beyond, began to act. They have since motivated hundreds more. 

Oomama, translated from Zulu, means "Our mothers."  The word is taken from a South African tribal chant that honours women.


To find out more about the Stephen Lewis Foundation's

Grandmothers Campaign, watch this Video!


Grandmother groups in South-Western, Ontario, get together to enjoy meeting each other, exchanging stories, savouring lunch, and hearing inspiring speakers.


In 2018, Oomama member, Pat McKee, as part of a Stephen Lewis Foundation delegation, went to a gathering of Grandmothers in Tanzania. This grandmother was raising 10 grandchildren who were orphaned when their parents died of AIDS.