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More Reusable Products

Beeswax Wraps


  • Each Package of wraps includes 3 wraps along with a Use & Care guide.

  • Your Waxed Wraps can be used to wrap or cover food as you would with plastic wrap.  The wraps can be used over and over again.

  • The wraps are not suitable for meat or hot foods, Microwaves or Ovens!

  • Made with 100% cotton fabric, beeswax, pine resin and jojoba oil.​


  • One large wrap approx. 12” by 12”.

  • One small wrap approx. 6” by 7”.

  • One round wrap Approx. 9” in diameter.



  • Each set of 3 wraps is $20


  • Determine which set of wraps you want from the picture above and order by Light or Dark patterns.
    Note: The patterns may not be 'exactly' as shown but will be either in the light or dark range.

  • To Order click here!




  • Each duster cloth is made of clean, used flanelette.

  • The reusable duster is made to fit the plastic short handled or long extendable handles​.

  • The dusters are washable and can be used over and over again.


  • Each Duster in approx. 6” by 8”



  • The dusters are 2 for $5


  • Determine how many duster cloths you want. To Order click here!

  • NOTE:  we currently do not have any spare handles, you have to provide your own.  We are however working on a handmade version and will update this site when we have any available for purchase.

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