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Thulisile Dladla has lived through unimaginable pain. After losing her husband and three of her children to AIDS-related illnesses, she is navigating living with HIV herself. But she hasn’t let that slow her down.
She works with Swaziland Positive Living (SWAPOL) to take care of 45 children orphaned by the AIDS crisis, in addition to being the sole caretaker for six of her own grandchildren. Nearly an entire generation across sub-Saharan Africa has been lost to the AIDS pandemic. Grandmothers like Thulisile have stepped in to provide for their communities and give young people access to vital resources like food and education.

Now, these courageous women need your help once again to continue nurturing the future of sub-Saharan Africa. Thank you for your longstanding investment in the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign! Please help us recognize its 15th Anniversary with your gift to the Stephen Lewis Foundation today. 
“At my age you don’t have much energy to take care of people, but now I have to find the energy, because if I don’t cook for these children no one will,” says Thulisile. “I have to be working all the time caring for the children on every level…I’m taking care of children all over again for a second time.”
Your gift to the Stephen Lewis Foundation today will change lives and ensure that the essential programs run by African grandmothers and the community-based organizations who support them will continue.


Together, we can help grandmothers like Thulisile knit their communities together and keep children safe and healthy.
P.S. The well-being of children in countries across sub-Saharan Africa depends on grandmothers. Support them as they support this young generation by making your gift to the Stephen Lewis Foundation today.


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