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Seasonal Fabric Patterns ~ Mask Fabric Patterns



The masks are made of printed cotton fabric with a plain cotton backing.  

  • There are 3 pleats and 1/8 inch wide elastic ear loops. 

  • All 5 sizes are the same style. 

  • The mask has an opening at the bottom to insert included filter. By adding the filter, our masks comply with the latest Federal Recommendation for a three-layer mask.

  • Black or white Cord Lockers

  • Flexible Aluminum Nose Wires


Note: measurements are in inches (”).

  • Child - 7” wide by 4.25” deep, 

  • Teen/Small Adult - 7.50” wide by 4.50” deep.

  • Regular Adult -  8.50” wide by 5.25” deep. 

  • Large Adult - 8.50” wide by 5.75” deep. 

  • Extra Large Adult - 8.75” wide by 6” deep.



PRICING:  $10 each or 3 for $25


  • Determine the sizes you need (Child, Teen/Small Adult etc.)

  • Pick your fabrics by Letter and Number (eg. A1, C3 etc). Pick Cord Locket/Elastic Loop colour - black or white

  • Email us for delivery or pick up options, or Mail by Canada Post (postage added to price)  

  • Send email to

  • You will receive a response within 48 hours indicating estimated completion, pickup/delivery, and total costs.

  • Payment:  If picking up or being delivered, payment is by cash or cheque (made out to Oomama). If being delivered by Mail, send cheque by mail (made out to Oomama), or send eTransfer to

  • ​If you have any questions or concerns about sizing, ordering, etc. feel free to send a query to


Masks come with Cord Lockers and Elastic Loops in Black or White. Also included is a polypropylene filter (wash & air dry) that fits in the mask, and flexible aluminum nose wires.

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